The NEW Los Angeles County DATACENTER1 provides a unified next-generation technical environment that allows County departments to create a custom IT infrastructure.

The DC1 gives departments instant access to the hardware, software and data they need to make more informed decisions, deploy resources where they will be most effective and provide better service to the public.

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The DC1 achieves lower costs and faster delivery of resources with on-demand capacity and services that support the County’s ever growing information management needs.






Virtual Servers


Building Capacity

181,489 square feet with 53,000 square feet raised

Tier III-plus design

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Seismic Reinforcement

Hardened building exceeds all current seismic requirements (importance factor of 1.5)

Utility Power Capacity

15.9 megawatts, Critical IT load of 7,400 kilowatts (expandable to 15,900 kilowatts)

Onsite Power Substation

Dedicated substation delivers wholesale power at 20-30% savings

Power Density

120-200+ watts per square feet

DC Power Capacity

Two 800amp 48VDC systems configured as N + 1

Generator Power Capacity

6 2.25 MW diesel generators and 3 2 MW building generators

Environmental Efficiency
LEED Silver Certification
Cooling Redundancy

Indirect evaporative cooling drives low Power Usage Effectiveness to lower costs and save water

ISO 20000 Certification



  • Centralized Automation
  • Software Flexibility + Hardware Scalability
  • Rapid Systems Integration with Customization of:
    • Network services
    • Security
    • Monitoring
    • Management
    • Orchestration
    • Visibility of physical and virtual network


  • Reduced application deployment time
  • Optimized for physical and virtual applications
  • Environment for “Application Anywhere”
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Consistent security policy
  • Open and programmable with comprehensive set of API’s


Single-pane infrastructure management

Automate and orchestrate IT infrastructure with physical and virtual resources treated equally.

Policy-based infrastructure provisioning

Role and policy based, so subject-matter experts work together to define policies and practices once.

End-to-end infrastructure process automation

Orchestrate the steps to prepare networking, computing and storage resources to support applications.

Complete infrastructure lifecycle management

Reclaim time and resources to make better use of IT investments.


Highly secure, open and flexible

Enables complete freedom in workload placement between private Data Center and public clouds.

County security and access controls

Ensures the same network security, quality of service and access control policies in the public cloud that have been enforced in the Data Center.

Extend existing data center to public clouds as needed

Connect on-premises data center infrastructure to multiple service providers.

Take advantage of pay-as-you-grow capacity

Achieve lower costs and faster delivery of resources.

The DC1 is a next generation data center designed around a hybrid cloud environment, providing Los Angeles County departments to move workloads seamlessly between the County eCloud and off-premise data centers in the public cloud.

The Los Angeles County DATACENTER1 gives departments with state-of-the-art data analysis tools that provide the information they need to make decisions about strategic directions, resource allocation and service provision while protecting the security of public data through hardened security protocols.

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